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Tuition and Fees


With the exception of our directress, every job at Ashland Community Preschool is performed by parent volunteers. Each family’s commitment of time and effort allows us to keep fees as low as possible. By sharing ownership of the preschool, parents are able to control costs and decide how the school operated.


2 Days:     $117/month

3 Days:     $165/month

4 Days:     $220/month

5 Days:     $275/month

Optional Kindergarten Prep: +$50 per month, only on MWF, October through May,

Tuition is due by the 5th of every month. If more than one child is enrolled in the same school year, tuition for each additional sibling after the first will be reduced by 5%, applied to the lowest applicable tuition rate. Tuition is due every month while a child is enrolled, regardless of the number of school days attended.


In order to fully enroll for the school year, a series of one-time fees are required. Not every fee is paid every year, and some fees will be prorated for midyear enrollments. In most cases, tuition and fees are nonrefundable.

A non-refundable $55 activity fee is due when you submit an application to enroll. Every family is required to submit a new application each year. For returning families, applications for the next school year are due in February.

Your first month of tuition is due at enrollment and is non-refundable. Your child’s spot at ACP will not be reserved until this is paid. It will be applied to September 2020 (or your first month of class).

This fee covers classroom cleaning supplies, like paper towels, tissues, soap, etc.

A state police fingerprint background check is required and is valid for 5 consecutive years upon completion. Cost $39.
A Department of Social Services background check is required and is valid for 3 consecutive years upon completion. Cost $10.
These fees are paid directly to the agency by ACP and cannot be prorated.

Students are required to wear green ACP t-shirts on field trips. Additional shirts are available for parents and siblings, if desired. A portion of the purchase cost will be applied to Family Fundraising.


Each family is required to earn $100 by May 1, either through fundraiser participation or direct payment. 

A $5 monthly fee is required for all unenrolled siblings 18 months or older who accompany a working parent. This fee covers consumables and should be added to monthly tuition payments.

The Department of Social Services requires all parents to be certified in Adult/Child CPR and First Aid. A certificate is usually valid for two years. You will pay any certification fees directly to your provider.

Some medical providers may charge a fee for medical documents required for enrollment: Virginia School Entrance Health Form for each student, Report of Tuberculosis Screening Form for each working parent.

Some electronic tuition payment methods will incur bank processing fees. Paying via our family portal (Jovial) will cost $2 per transaction. Families are required to pay the 2.2% + .30 transaction fee for payments made via PayPal (goods & services only): $2.88 for 2 day, $3.93 for 3 day, $5.14 for 4 day, $6.35 for 5 day, +$1.40 for KPrep.

Tuition is due on the first day of each month and is considered late if paid after the 5th day of the month. A $10 late fee will be incurred if tuition is not paid by the 5th. If still unpaid by the 15th, a $20 late fee will be charged. If payment is not received by the end of the month, enrollment will be terminated. Note: Parents may submit a written request to the Board for an alternate tuition due date, if needed.

Bounced checks will incur a $25 insufficient funds fee.

Parents who are habitually late to pickup will be charged a $1 per minute late fee. This fee will only be applied after a verbal warning from the directress and written notice from the board.