Admission Requirements

  • Minimum Age

    Children must be at least 33 months to enroll in Ashland Community Preschool.

  • Immunization

    ACP requires all students to be immunized in accordance with the Virginia Department of Health immunization schedule prior to enrollment. We do not accept any exemptions.

  • Toilet Independence

    Children must be fully toilet trained. Students should come to school in underwear; pull-ups are not permitted. Of course, we do expect that there will be an occasional accident, and we will keep on hand a complete set of your child’s clothing should they need to change for any reason.

Documentation Requirements

All paperwork must be submitted and complete before a child can start school. In order to enroll, each student will require the following documents:

  • Certified Birth Certificate

    Copies will not be accepted. Original must be presented to Licensing.

  • Virginia School Entrance Health Form

    Must be completed by a physician.

  • DSS Child Registration Form

    Original completed form required for each student.

Class Requirements

Enrollment is normally limited to 18 children per day. However, as long as COVID restrictions remain in place, enrollment will be limited to 14 children per day.

Enrollment Priority & Waitlist

The enrollment period begins in February for the school year starting in September. Once enrollment has reached capacity, interested students will be waitlisted until an opening becomes available. Enrollment priority will be given in the following order:

  • Current Families
  • Alumni Families
  • New Families