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Family Collective Program 20-21


Ashland Community Preschool will continue to utilize its stated mission of providing Montessori based education to preschool age students while valuing and utilizing family input and work. This Fall, we will work together to provide guidance and activities from home while fostering friendships and community throughout the week in small group “parent and me” settings with guided outdoor education. “Community” is part of our name and we will continue to work together in our Co-Op style to support students and families while maintaining our community presence in Ashland and surrounding areas.



2020 - 2021 Expectations

  • Weekly Activities

    Each week activities will be provided on the Ashland Community Preschool Virtual Classroom Facebook page. Topics addressed will be Outdoor Education, Music, Art, Science, Social/Emotional Development, Handwriting, Letter Recognition, and Numbers

  • Small Groups

    Once a week “parent and me” small group meet ups of up to 4 families on the ACP Playground. These will be assigned according to enrollment.

  • Daily Circle Times

    Each day, a circle time will be posted to the ACP Virtual Classroom. These videos will introduce the day and highlight the themes of the week.

Tuition And Fees

One time $20 Co-Op Membership Fee due with submission of this document. Monthly Tuition is $45 with an additional $5/month fee to cover any siblings in attendance and participating with in-person small group content.

Tuition is due the first of each month.

  • A $10 late fee will be applied for any tuition received after the 5th.
  • An additional $10 late fee will be applied for tuition received after the 15th.
  • Any tuition not received by the end of the month will result in removal from the program.

COVID-19 Safety Measures for Outside Meetups:

Before entry to school grounds on the day of your assigned meetup, all individuals must:

  • Have their temperatures checked by a board member
  • Respond to Covid-19 Questionnaire
  • Commit to follow posted COVID-19 cleaning procedures and guidelines

Please contact licensing@ashlandcommunitypreschool.com if you have any COVID-19 related questions.


I see you gear your curriculum towards 33 months- 5 years old, can my child outside of this age range benefit or participate?

We will be following our curriculum style that is generally based on this age range, but if you feel that your child that is slightly younger or older can benefit please join us! During this semester we are not bound to a DSS regulation for age because your child will not be under sole supervision of the preschool and we will not be opening in our traditional style. You will be responsible for your child at all times during “parent and me” meetups. 

Can my child’s siblings be present during small group meet-ups?

We have always been a sibling friendly environment when parents are participating in classroom activity, so they are welcome! We do ask that you apply the monthly $5 household fee to your tuition if any of the siblings regardless of age will be utilizing materials or participating in the activity.

Who is providing and scheduling your current activities and meet-ups? How does my family contribute?

We have qualified teacher (experienced with ACP specifically) receiving a monthly stipend for contributions to virtual content and consultation of content.  Additionally, our Board of Directors, made up entirely of currently enrolled families, is providing content and direction for activities and meetups.    We have many resources at the school, a wide array of expertise and ability on the board, and veteran ACP experience to provide engaging and age appropriate activities. We encourage families who enroll in this program to join us in activity design and contribution.

Can we plan on the school opening traditionally in Fall 2021?

Yes! We are planning to open traditionally (with a few COVID tweaks!) in Fall 2021. You can learn more about our classes for 2021-22 under the About/Our Classes tab. We will also be adding a Parent and Me program in Fall 2021 for families who are not quite ready for full enrollment.