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Our Directress

what is a directress?

In traditional teaching philosophies, a teacher instructs children and imparts knowledge upon them through lessons she has created. Students access knowledge through the teacher as they progress through the curriculum she has created. The teacher sets the learning schedule and objectives.

In contrast, a Montessori directress is the link that connects the children to the environment, only serving to gently guide students through their individual learning processes. She prepares the environment with appropriate materials, but her main objective is not to instruct the way a traditional teacher would. Her goal is to serve the children by observing them and by guiding the spirit within each child through work that creates joy and focus. As a result, children are able to independently interact with materials without the direct involvement of an adult. 

Instead of the knowledge being held only within the adult, it is now within the environment, and children can freely follow their interests. This “freedom within limits” allows the directress to guide children as needed, rather than have instruction dictated by a structured curriculum.

our directress will...

Current Leadership

Due to changes wrought by COVID-19, we are unable to employ a full-time directress. For the remainder of 2020, our nine member Board of Directors (made up entirely of currently enrolled families) will share the responsibility of creating, maintaining, resourcing, and leading the Family Collective Program.

Partnering with our Board of Directors is a qualified teacher with ACP experience. She is receiving a monthly stipend for review of and contributions to virtual content.  The Board of Directors is providing content and direction for weekly activities and ‘Parent & Me’ meet-ups. We have many resources at the school, a wide array of expertise and ability on the board, and veteran ACP experience to provide engaging and age appropriate activities. We encourage families who enroll in this program to join us in activity design and contribution.

When we begin the search for a new full-time directress, we will post a job description on this website.

I love the enthusiasm and sense of wonder that each child brings each day.

I love watching the children grow in confidence, make new friends, work together, and develop new interests. 

Their creativity and passion is contagious.  And, they make me laugh!

- Heather Estes