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Working Parents

In order for the classroom to be opened for the day, two working parents and one alternate (on call) working parent must be present and signed in. Working parents arrive at 8:45 a.m. and begin preparing the classroom for the day. A complete working parent checklist is posted in the classroom for parents to follow throughout the day. The checklist includes duties such as preparing the classroom for the day, guiding children and assisting the directress as needed, cleaning and maintaining the classroom according to DSS requirements, preparing snacks, and supervising outdoor activities and recess.

licensing requirements

Before they are allowed to work in the classroom, all working parents must fulfill a series of licensing requirements, which are determined by the Department of Social Services. Working parents can complete documents and review their requirement status via the Jovial Family Portal. Some requirements, once satisfied, will remain valid for multiple years.

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Each working parent will work 1-4 days per month (this depends on how many days per month your child is enrolled). In the event of low enrollment or other extenuating circumstances, parents may be needed for more working days. However, every effort is made to keep working days as evenly distributed as possible and to accommodate schedules as needed. The class scheduler will work with each family to create fair and balanced schedules.


Unenrolled siblings of students may accompany the working parent on a scheduled working day. Siblings 18 months and older must pay the sibling fee ($5/month). Accompanying siblings are the sole responsibility of the working parent.

the alternate

An alternate is needed in case of an emergency that causes a working parent to become unavailable, or if the directress needs additional assistance with the students. The alternate must sign in upon arrival and leave a phone number where he/she can be reached. The alternate should come to school prepared to work that day, including bringing a lunch. The alternate should be available to assume the responsibilities of a working parent quickly if needed, and should not have any appointments scheduled for the school day. The alternate may not leave the classroom until both working parents have arrived and signed in.


Kindergarten Prep requires an assistant to help the directress monitor and instruct the children participating in the class. A volunteer will be sought from the working parents in the three-day (MWF) class with a child enrolled in K-Prep. The assistant may not bring a sibling to K-Prep. If no singular volunteer is available, K-Prep assistant duties may be split among multiple volunteer parents. 

methods of communication


Online portal for viewing all family-related information, including billing, requirements, forms, class roster.


Private forum for co-op business, working calendar, meeting minutes, documents, and other information. .


Messages can be left on the school voicemail. Current members should follow the procedure outlined in the handbook for leaving messages with the directress.


Urgent messages, such as closings or schedule changes. Download the smartphone app and join your class using the code provided by Technology.


Group email addresses for all co-op members, each class, and the board are listed in the handbook. Volunteer opportunities and field trip plans will be emailed through SignUpGenius.


The directress will email a monthly newsletter to all families at the beginning of each month. Includes monthly themes, important calendar notes, and other classroom-related information.


Outside of the classroom each morning during drop-off. The directress will post daily announcements, lesson descriptions, and other classroom-related information.

file box

Outside of the classroom each morning during drop-off. Routine communication from directress, committees, and other sources. Check daily at drop-off.

board mailboxes

Located in the Art Room. Board members will check their boxes regularly. Any communication for a specific board member can be placed in the appropriate mailbox.