Our Co-Op

One of the most unique aspects of ACP is that we are a cooperative school. A cooperative preschool, or co-op, is administered and maintained by the parent members of the school.

In the classroom, parents help our professional teacher on a rotating basis, serving to participate in every child’s education and growth. On those “working parent” days, our parents help make sure the day-to-day operation of the school is covered: cleaning the classroom, following Social Services regulations, chaperoning field trips, keeping supplies stocked.

Outside of the classroom, our families also share in the business side of the preschool by participating on the board or committees and by meeting each month to make sure our co-op is on the right track.

Every family has an ownership stake in the school, so most of our parents become very involved and hands-on within the co-op. It is an immersive experience that allows highly involved parents to spend more time with their children, build a community with other like-minded parents, and help decide the direction of their child’s first educational experience. It is a unique environment, and one that builds lifelong friendships and fond memories among families.

For detailed information, view and download the ACP Working Parent guidance document.