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Our Classes

Ashland Community Preschool allows parents to choose their child’s weekly schedule. Children can attend 2-5 days per week. 

2+ days

$117+ / month
  • 9am-1pm Monday-Friday
  • 2 days: $117/month
  • 3 days: $165/month
  • 4 days: $220/month
  • 5 days: $275/month
  • Maximum 18 Students


$50 / month in addition to tuition
  • 1-2pm on MWF
  • Children must be Kindergarten eligible for the following year
  • Preference given to children enrolled in MWF
  • Maximum 18 Students

A Typical Day AT ACP


9:00 - morning work

Mrs. Estes rings the bell at 9 a.m. Children enter the classroom, hang their backpacks in their cubbies, and wash their hands. Children focus on a morning work until Mrs. Estes invites them to circle time.


9:15 - morning circle time

The Star Helper will recite the Pledge of Allegiance and check the weather. Mrs. Estes will go over the calendar, discuss the letter and number of the week, introduce the day's snack, and demonstrate any art projects or new work.


9:30 - montessori work

Using the bracelet system, students move independently through the classroom, art room, and outdoors. Snack is available for students to serve themselves.



This group connection time will vary by day or by the current unit of study. Library visits, birthday celebrations, show and tell, or other special activities may be scheduled in place of this circle time.

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11:30 - LUNCH

Students will bring a nutritionally balanced packed lunch to eat. Each child will retrieve his own lunch, eat on his own, and clean up after himself.


12:00 - music & MOVEMENT

At the sound of the rain stick, students will gather on the circle time rug for music or movement participation.


12:30 - REcess

Children play freely in the outdoor area, or on the play equipment and swings. Outdoor classroom items (play kitchen, music station) are not available during recess.



Tuesday-Thursday and MWF students not participating in K-Prep will be dismissed from the playground at 1 PM. K-Prep students will return to the classroom and be dismissed at 2 PM.


Ashland Community Preschool follows the Hanover County Public School schedule, with the exception that the preschool will begin the Monday following the opening of Hanover County Schools and ends on the last Thursday before Memorial Day. ACP also follows the HCPS inclement weather policy.

kindergarten prep

A kindergarten preparatory class may be offered to rising kindergartners enrolled in our school, beginning in October. It will be held each MWF class day from 1 to 2 PM. K-Prep carries its own tuition fee in addition to regular monthly tuition. K-Prep is optional and will only be offered if enough children participate. 

parent conferences

Parent-directress conferences are generally scheduled twice a year, in accordance with the Hanover County Public Schools schedule. The directress will present an evaluation of each student. Additionally, parents may request a meeting with the directress at any time. If deemed necessary by either the directress or a parent, a board member may be present during any such meeting.