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Nestled in the basement of the historic Hanover Arts & Activities Center, Ashland Community Preschool is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit cooperative school run by a parent board. As part of the cooperative, member parents have the chance to witness their child’s development and create those first educational memories together with their children. As partners in our operations, each of our families plays an important role in creating a successful school. By creating a welcoming environment for both curious children and engaged parents, Ashland Community Preschool is able to create a unique community that is the one of the “Center of the Universe’s” best kept secrets.

We are licensed with the Commonwealth of Virginia and welcome children of any race, religion, nationality or ethnic origin. Our school year runs from September through May and we follow the Hanover County Public Schools calendar for holidays and early releases.


Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.

Dr. Maria Montessori


our educational focus

At Ashland Community Preschool, we incorporate a Montessori approach to educating our students. Dr. Maria Montessori concluded that the absorbent mind from birth to six years of age allows children to learn more quickly and effortlessly than later in life. According to Montessori, this is a critical time to expose children to early learning concepts via a curriculum suited to the child’s interests, stage of development, and the needs of the whole child (physical, intellectual and emotional). 

Using children’s natural inclination to explore the world in a tactile manner along with their innate desire for independence, our Montessori-based approach allows children to build confidence in learning and to find motivation to succeed within themselves. When we allow children the appropriate materials (the prepared environment) and freedom within limits, they learn that they are capable of achieving success on their own. As a result, they develop self-reliance and self-satisfaction skills that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

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1 year ago

The Plant S@le is this Thursday from 4-7pm!!

Did you know that this beautiful plant is also one of the best air purifiers!! We will have the Yucca plant on hand as well as countless others.

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1 year ago

Please join us Thursday for dinner and flowers! We will have a variety of plants available and a new food truck to try out! ♥️?♥️ Can't wait to see everyone!